F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. What is this shop for?
    – This shop is to popularize cubing in Bangladesh by supplying the cubers with necessary Cubes and a Cheaper price and Sponsoring them(Conditions apply).
  2. How Do I Order?
    Watch this
  3. Are all the Products available?
    – No. We still don’t have full stock of all the product. Check this to see what we currently have in stock.
  4. What happens if I order a product that isn’t available? I really need it.
    – We book it for you. We import cubes from China every month. So it takes around a month to bring your desired cubes. If you need it, just order and we would Bring it and notify you.
  5. Is there any Booking Charge?
    – That depends on what you order. If you order things that isn’t common, we would charge 50% of the product cost as Booking confirmation. You have to pay that as Confirmation(via Bkash). Other 50% when the product arrives(Home delvery/Free shipping) or the Product is delivered(Cash on delivery[Office Delivery]/Local Pickup)
  6. Do you have any Physical Shop?
    – We are an online based shop. So we don’t have any. But we might have one in future. But chances are low. We like to work staying at home. Its 21st Century!
  7. Who are you?
    – We are Speedcubers. We solve cubes just like most of us. But we love to spread the Cubing love with everyone. We are also a group of School and College going students around the age of 16-17(Writing Date: March 13,2017).
  8. How to Contact?
    – Visit Us in Facebook. You can message us There. You can also email us at support@cubenationshop.com
    or Call 019-72-81-08-49.
  9. Whats your delivery method and speed?
    Check this
  10. I have placed an order? What to do now?
    – If all of the products are available. Then Wait 1-3 days (Depending on location) and become happy.
  11. How do you guys manage so many things at this age?
    – It isn’t that hard actually. Dedication is all you need, With Rewards of course.
  12. Whats your refund policy?
    -We would provide you 100% Product Cost Refund on specific cases like :§ The Product Gets Damaged before Delivery
    § The Product never Reaches you
    § The Product is BrokenWe would Replace your Product on cases like :§ The product is not as Specified in your order (Wrong Product). We would give you replacement. But in some cases, You may have to return the product. In that case the Return shipping fees has to be Paid by you.
  13.  What are the benefits of Advance/booking order?
    – No substantial benefits to be honest. But booking the cube means a confirmation that you would get this product confirmed on that specific shipment. As we do not take advance payment, we don’t provide special treatment either. But we do provide X% discount if the booking product is pretty costly(over 5k) in exchange for the buyer to pay 50% of the product cost as advance.
  14. What does those order status really mean?
    Processing : We are checking the order.
    Packing : We are packing the order and will ship within 1 business day.
    Out for delivery : Order sent to courier company for delivery. Will be delivered in 1-3 days.
    Delayed Delivery : Order would be delivered after some short delay. This is caused either by the customer selecting a later Delivery date or Unavailability of product, but coming in 4 days. Order may take longer time if it includes custom magnetization or lubing.
    Unavailable : Some of the products are unavailable. Please contact us if you would like to wait 15 days.
    Next shipment booking : Order is booked. Coming in 15-20 days.
    Booked : Order is at Bangladesh Airport. Coming in 7-10 days.
    Pick up : Order sent to pickup address.