How to Book

How to Book

Booking means the product isn’t available at this moment but you wanna get it anyways and have the patience to wait around 15-20 days.

How to Book:
Suppose you are booking, Yuxin little magic
– Search β€œYuxin little magic”
– Select the color,quantity
– Add to cart
– Press Checkout from the bottom left button
– Fill up the form
– “Yes” in “Would you like to wait 20 days” box
– Choose payment method
– Place order

or send us your order number that you would like to book.

You can type “Booking for upcoming shipment” in order notes(Located on the right of the placing order form) to make things easy for us to track. We would mark it as booked.

You can contact us in your FB Page for any questions.

To check available product list, Click here.